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I designed my analytical techniques to easily decipher market behavior in ways not found elsewhere, to help you know what's next… And why, because I also share the methodology I created with complete transparency.
ES Bias Signals and other Futures

Get ten posts each day, plus two videos of current strategy and analysis, ES bias parameters, and swing trade setups in Gold, Crude Oil, bonds and more. The daily pre-open and post-close videos bring it all home visually. (The Market Timing chaRTroom is an optional add-on.)
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Intraday Market Timing chaRTroom

Learn to think like an algorithm, with consistent rules to apply in all market conditions. Become more confident in your trading when you know how to anticipate price action. Or, just check the screen for my clearly drawn intraday setups, targets and turning points in S&P e-mini (ES) futures.
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About Me

I developed analytical techniques that identify targets and turning points for any liquid stock or market in any time frame, primarily for analyzing S&Ps...

...I primarily apply my technique to analyzing S&Ps, generating several round-turn candidates daily. The methodologies are also applied to other high-profile futures markets to generate an opinion and to identify specific actionable parameters...

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Are these terms new for you -- Timing windows, Fibonacci relationships, Bias parameters? Every day in my chaRTroom you'll learn unique ways to apply these concepts, and others. You'll see setups that catch more intraday trending, targets and turning points. And you'll know why and where before deciding whether to enter and exit.

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